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Fed up of getting failure in making money online ?

Then Welcome to MoneyGossips. First of all I really appreciate you stopping by. Here you will be getting to know about MoneyGossips and Me, more closely and most probably after reading this you might like to Join us on various Social sites.


I started MoneyGossips on 06 September 2014 withthe perspective of helping my friends and audience in making money online. Before MoneyGossips i had created WorldTechBuzz from which i had learned many things, I created WTB just for fun and was shocked the response i got.

MoneyGossips is a blog where i will share all the genuine ways through which you can make money online by Giving Services, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Content Writing, Ad networks, By Advertisements, Social Media, Microstock Photography, Freelancing and many more ways.

MoneyGossips is perfect for those who are really seeking for genuine ways of making money online. As we all know earning money is not an easy task one need to do hard and smart work just what you need is a perfect guide. We will be your guide throughout your journey from beginning to success. I will share everything i have and i learnt about making business online.

About Me

Hi Guys, Let me formally introduce myself to you. I am Suprabhat Mondal, CEO and Founder of MoneyGossips. I am passionate guy love blogging and internet surfing. I have been working since 2013 online.

Suprabhat Mondal

I finished my schooling from Delhi International School in 2011. Currently I am Pursuing my Civil Engineering from Medicaps Institute of Science and Technology, Indore (Madhya Pradesh).

I am a normal guy who try to enjoy his life at his fullest, love travelling. From childhood i am passionate about computer and technology. I get into blogging since 13th december 2013. And since then i had created many blogs related to Fashion, Cars, Modern India and Tech but later i got huge success from WorldTechBuzz a blog related to Tech and Blogging. It got an Alexa World Rank of 39k and still decreasing with Domain Authority 20 and Page Authority 31.

I can serve you some help in several ways :

  • Blog Post Writing : ( Just Give me a Topic and I will write an in-depth article of 1000+ words for $10 ).
  • WordPress Installation : This includes Speed, performance optimisation and Security. Don’t be fooled, Setting up WordPress, Optimizing it for Search Engines is not a task you should try to play with it. Get the professional hands to do it.
  • You want to make money doesn’t getting any way contact me.
  • Still confused what you want to do use contact form we will reply you soon.

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