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3 Types of Content that will Help You Earn more Money from Your Blog

3 Types of Content
Written by Suprabhat

Creating a blog that makes money needs careful planning. So, how to make a blog?

If you already have a successful blog, you may skip the following paragraph and directly go to the next. But, maybe, you have already slipped up and made a mistake that will prevent you making money as a blogger.

Important first steps

Plan what kind of blog you want and are able to start. Remember, it is essential to post regularly and create great articles. So, you should choose the subject that really inspires you, will it be fashion, travel, vegetarian food, games, photography or marketing. So, choose a topic you are comfortable with and can provide profound and interesting posts.

If you decided to start blog and earn money – do not use free blogging platforms. First, they are neither professional nor respectable, second, most of them do not allow advertising to the users, neither doing affiliate marketing nor placing ads.

Although it is not the greatest idea to sell ads, as the rates are low, especially for small blogs, it also matters. You might be willing to check it by yourself.

After you choose hosting, domain, design and start your blog, after the first post, you will have to do some work submitting it to search engines, guest posting and commenting, networking, and promoting it in social media.

3 types of your content

To earn money with your blog you have to engage readers with unique content and then lead them to affiliate page. The only way to keep them is also a steady stream of useful and interesting content, which can be free or paid. As it is the main value of the blog, content writing is the essential part of blogging for money. So, your blog can serve to sell products or services. It is just great if you have your own business and use a blog to promote it. In this case, you earn in any case.

If you are just a writer – you’ll have to sell the services and products produced by some companies. Now, if you sell ads – you just sell to the companies the ability to promote themselves to your blog’s audience and get money for it. In this case, it doesn’t really matter what type of content you’ll post – only make it engaging.

Much more sure way to monetize your blog is affiliate marketing. You help the companies to promote their services or products and get a commission when your site visitors buy. The best types of content to increase their number are Products or Services comparisons, Reviews or Lists.

Products or Services comparison


  • Choose two most popular products, which should be approximately equal in quality – do not compare obviously low-quality to a high-quality thing, maybe, just for laughter – like haute couture collection to some made-in-China dresses. Also, two services or products of the same vendors may be interesting to compare.
  • Provide an overview of their differences and similarities.
  • It can be done as a table, a chart, or an article, which is less preferable, as it is not so convenient for readers.
  • It is great when you have your personal experience with these items, not just read their characteristics.

For example, a student can compare EduBirdie research papers with another content writing service product. He should mention the price ranges, delivery accuracy, the quality of product and of client’s support.



When you are reviewing products it naturally implies you provide a link to the product or service.

However, it is important to sound objectively and provide really relevant information not to be suspected of biased perceptions. It can be some up-to-date facts, user’s experience, valuable insights, practical tips. It is better to show some cons of the reviewed product or service to make the pros list more persuasive.

Thus, it is much better if a product or service under consideration

  • fits the subject of your blog. Don’t do reviews of hearing aid on a travel blog, though, maybe, some of your visitors need them.
  • can be interesting for your readers. Don’t write about some unknown indie game when everyone goes crazy about last Final Fantasy.
  • is something you really would use yourself.

By the way, even if it is difficult for you just start a blog and make money, you can try and get free products to review.


To promote several similar affiliate products or services at the time you can provide lists of them with short reviews. The lists are not so easy to do for each blogger. The list has to be aimed at the same audience. Organize your lists so you don’t have different categories together on one page. To make money writing you need readers to click affiliates’ links, so be persuasive and consider the rules about the products and services for review and comparison-type content.

With all these types of content, don’t forget about storytelling. Beginning with a personal story about the service or a product may be a great way to engage the audience. Creating relevant content is really worth time and efforts spent.

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