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Make Money with URL Shortner
Written by Suprabhat

Everyone wants to earn money online. but how many of you you really get success? In this competitive world no one will give you money by without doing anything. Wait a minute! Have you seen ? Let me tell you something about

Are you really tired of advertising networks like Adsense or where they reject you application or delete your account anytime without any notice,and take your all money? Then is best option for you to earn money online.

Make Money with URL Shortner

What is

Basically, is a India based link shortening tool. It is a link shortening site which offers publishers and social media users the opportunity to earn some bucks from external links to third party sites that they share through social media or on their blogs.

In simple words, it is link shortening site which will give you money for every visit on that link. Unlike other link shortening sites like, is the best link-shortening site.It is all new platform for everyone who wants to earn money online without much complications.

How Works : is a creative service that allows you to earn money for every visitor to your shortened links, all you have to do is to signup with which takes less than 2 minutes.then you have to shorten your links with their site and then share the links on your Blog, Social media, YouTube and with your friends. whenever someone will click on the link you will be paid. Whenever someone will click on your shorten link First, he will be taken to page where he will be shown 5 sec advertisement and then he can skip that ad and return to original link.

Make Money URL Shortening

This is really simple process and does not require any space on your blog/website.If you don’t have any blog or website and wants to earn money online then also this is awesome solution for you as you can share the shorten links on social media platform.

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Features of :

  • link shortening service basically provide an unique style of showing ads where viewer can redirect to the original link within 5 sec.
  • High CPM rates with global coverage
  • 22% commission on referrals – lifetime
  • Rates for 1000 impressions ranges from $0.50 to ­$5
  • Minimum payout is $7
  • Detailed and convenient real time reporting

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How Much can i earn from ? is leading URL Shortener network and they are having high CPM rates for every country. You can earn from $0.5­ to $5 for 1000 views. they pays high CPM for traffic from countries like US & UK. so if you are having traffic from such countries then you are the lucky one to earn huge money.Even if you are getting daily 1 thousand visitors from this countries then also your monthly earning will be $4 x 30 = $120/month. So this is best method to earn money from your website/blogs for Indian traffic they are paying minimum $1 CPM and i have personally tried this network and I had great experience with this network.

Lets say you are getting daily 10 thousand page views and the average CPM from is $1.5 that means $15 per day and $15 x 30=$450 per month. Even if you are getting daily 34,000 visitors from India who will click on the link then also you can earn $100/month from

How Will i Get paid from ? pays you money instantly. Unlike other networks You don’t have to wait for 15 or 30 days like other networks. You will be paid through Paypal and minimum payout amount is $7. You can easily reach to minimum payout amount.You can request your payout once you have reached $7.

Benefits of : updates their analytic report instantly. you don’t have to wait for 12 or 24 hours to get report generated and then calculate your revenue. You can generate daily report instantly.Everyone can join this network and earn money.their minimum payout amount is also less so you don’t have to wait for so much time. once you have reached minimum payout amount which is $7 you can request payment.

Make Money Without Blog

How to earn money from ?

There are many possible ways to earn money with Here I am listing some ways to earn money with

1. Download content sites :

You can offer premium content for free to download to the users.for example : Software, Games, WordPress themes and Plugins. This type of websites works really well you can put link on this type of websites and you can earn money just shorten the links and tell them here’s the download link.

2. Songs/Lyrics sites :

You can offer free songs to download or lyrics to users and you can earn money from such can shrink the download button links with and earn money because as you know Adsense don’t work on this type of niches then you have to try some different methods to earn money and is the best way for you to earn money.

3. Blogs :

You can use links on your blog and earn money from it. just shrink external links from your website with so whenever someone will click on external link and going to leave your website he will be shown ad and you will be paid for that. if you are getting good traffic to your blog then you can easily earn money through

4. Sharing on Facebook :

Shrink the link with and share it on your Facebook Timeline,Groups and pages. You can shrink links of funny YouTube videos, Funny images, Affiliate offers and many more.

5. YouTube videos :

You can use this links in YouTube video description and earn money. You can create various online tutorials, Promotional Videos, Reviews of various products and related to that you can add any website link or your landing page link in description. Shorten that link with and you can easily make money.

Advertisers :

You can even advertise your product or website with Its really simple to advertise with Advertiser sign up process is similar to publishers sign up process.once you have successfully created account you can add money in your account. once the money is added create a campaign with your website link. add total amount you wants to spend and daily budget with targeted country where you wants to show your can easily create new campaign, pause or delete the existing one. have some cool security features for advertisers to avoid spam and bots.The traffic they deliver is unique IP based on a 24 hours refresh.

Features for advertisers

  • Cheap Advertising
  • Real Quality Traffic
  • High Conversions
  • Real Time Statistics
  • 100% Safe
  • Anti­ fraud technology for clicks and impressions (be safe).
  • Advanced Captcha Protection to eliminate issue of proxies and bots and provide 100%
  • Genuine traffic

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You can easily advertise your business with and gain traffic. They are always there to help you in any type of advertisement or account related problem. will help you to get visitors to your website, Improve Alexa rank and many more. Just advertise with and enjoy $5 bonus in your advertisers account.

Conclusion :

Among all the Url shortening sites, is the best link shortening site. One of the best thing i liked about is that you can even earn many bucks without having your own blog. You can easily earn money with or you can advertise your business and enjoy traffic.

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