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How To Make Money From Educational Niche Blogs?

How To Make Money From Educational Niche Blogs
Written by Suprabhat

Are you working on educational niche? Do you have an educational website, blog or app with lots of student traffic and still Google Adsense doesn’t pay you well. You all might be aware of the problem on how to monetize such a valuable resources.

That’s where StudyBay comes into the role. StudyBay affiliate program offers a high conversion rate, easy monetization, and an awesome experience to educational niche bloggers. StudyBay has hammered the right problem of the student which helps in monetizing education/student traffic.

Before we move ahead, get to know What is StudyBay!

What is StudyBay?

StudyBay is an online freelance service where one can order student related works like class assignments, general project research paper. On there website most of the clients are Students and Authors who originate content works together without any middlemen to agree on a fixed price and deadline.

In simple terms, StudyBay is a Freelance marketplace for students and authors. Students here can find a qualified writers and submit any Type of paper: essay, academic paper, term paper, dissertation, etc. Authors, on the other hand, can earn money, get a great experience and real reviews.

StudyBay was designed by keeping stressful students in mind who don’t have the time knowledge or resources to do it. But with StudyBay one can get it done by experts, they guarantee it is plagarism free and no one can find out whosoever has used their services.

StudyBay Working

They have 10,000+ authors spread over the diverse fields and discipline. StudyBay is growing with 1000 orders daily accessing over 57,000 completed assignments in their archives.

All the works done by authors goes through rigorous moderation and qualifying criteria in order to provide clients highest quality, plagiarism free material on time.

How Much Do An Average Essay/Research Paper Costs?

Pricing of an average essay or research paper costs range depends on various factors like Type of paper, Word Count Range and Academic level. You can choose High School, Masters or PhD but unfortunately there is no option for an Undergraduate.

studybay price calculator

There website have an awesome Price Calculator, through which we can see that Research Paper at Master lever with word range from 2000 to 3000 costs around $125 which is the average bill for per clients. The same research paper on PhD level costs $173 while at High School level it cost around $58.

How To Make Money From Educational Niche Blogs?

If you are neither the student nor an author then how can you make money? StudyBay have their affiliate program, there are many important factor which makes the program highly appealing.

I said in above paragraph, that an average billing is of $125. StudyBay affiliate program offers an 40-60% commission rate on every 1st order with 15% commission on subsequent order, which means that an average $125 order can provide you commission up to $75. StudyBay has also indicated that an average customers place 10 orders which is an great opportunity to earn residual income.

StudyBay Affiliate Program Review: Best Monetization in Education Niche

StudyBay affiliate program is one of the best, most unique and transparent program. They show their affiliates, all the orders coming from their affiliate link, quantity of bids and rebill amount.

StudyBay affiliate program easily monetize educational traffic from English-speaking countries. They get all types of traffic except spam!

What Do StudyBay Affiliate Gets?

  • 40-60% commission on every 1st order.
  • 15% commission on every rebills from all subsequent orders.
  • One get Detailed Statistics for each and every order.
  • Referral Program: You get 5% profit of referred users.
  • Immediate payment on any working day.
  • You get a personal manager for easier and quicker analytic and integration.

Studybay Affiliate program Review

Advantages of StudyBay Affiliate Program:

These are some of following advantages I found which makes StudyBay affiliate program quite cool, Here are they:

  • Highest Conversion Rate in Industry – 57%
  • Speedy payback of traffic
  • Average of 10 Rebills – Largest in Industry
  • Works 24×7 i.e Convert traffic even on weekends and Holiday
  • Comfortable and Simplified System
  • Personal Manager
  • Regular Updates
  • Instant Payment Everyday
  • Average Bill of $125

Join RIGHT Now!!!

What Kind of Promotion Material StudyBay Have?

  • Direct Referral links
  • Promotional Banners
  • Buttons & Widgets
  • Landing Pages
  • Keywords
  • Order Forms & Pop-ups
  • Divisions for Different Streams

Tools Which Are Available to StudyBay Affiliates?

  • A Detailed list of all the orders made from your affiliate link and their current status
  • Graphs & Diagrams
  • Table, Graphs & Charts with revenue, orders and transfers
  • Clear Division between new orders & rebills

Once you Join their affiliate program you will get access to all the tools & promotional materials, general manager, customer support and statistics tools on StudyBay.

If you are already generating lots of traffic on education niche from students in high school and college, then you should consider StudyBay affiliate program. Let me know what you think about it, whether you can make money from it or not in comments below.

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