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Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment

How to Make Money Online Without investments
Written by Suprabhat

“Don’t stay in Bed , Unless you can make money in Bed”

Internet has changed many lives today, It has made many millionaires in a small span of time. Now a days anyone can make money online without investments but one thing he/she need is a perfect guide. Don’t worry,We will be your guide in making money online. Literally things are totally changed you can do anything with a single click if you have Internet. As when you will search for ” Ways to Make Money Online” in search engines you will find many genuine ways as well as same numbers of scam sites operating their who are going to con you so be aware.

How to Make Money Online Without investments

Ways to Make Money Online

Today we will discuss about some legitimate and genuine ways to make money online. Whether you live in India, United States, Australia with the help of Internet you are all neighbors. You can work just sitting at your homes and can earn money online from foreign countries as well.

1. Freelancing :

If you possess some skills like web designing, content writing, marketing etc. through which you can help others, then freelancing is the best way. Look up for some website likes Odesk, Elance, Freelancers etc. there you will find many project based works. To have success here try to work with reputed users and always look for your interest as in that field you can provide your best.  As soon as you get any contract start working on it and give your best here as if you will do good job in future they may again like to work with you or they will recommend you to others. After that Cash will start flowing into your account.

2. Website Building/ Blogging :

It is another way though which you can become a millionaire, If you thing Internet is like country then i will say website are like estate here. Further you grow cost of your Website (Estate) keep on getting increased. If you are creating a website it means you are building a plot.

To create a website you will need Domain and Hosting, it means little investment. You can also go for Blogger or WordPress for free hosting. If you had got hosting and domain it means you had registered your plot. Now the thing you need to build building is content which is not at all easy task to gather if you are new.

Read More : How to Create a Blog that Makes Money

You can build blog to promote your own product to increase sales or to promote other products, you can sell some space on your blog to earn money.

3. Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate marketing is another quick way of making some money online without investing a penny. In simple words Affiliate marketing means to promote someone else product and make sales in return you will get some cash.

Just it required some skill like convincing your audience, friends or relative to buy product from your affiliate links. To generate more sales you can write reviews of product, provide discount coupons.

Affiliate Marketing is not at all easy as it looks if you don’t have authority or if you don’t posses convincing power. You can Join Affiliate Programs of ShareaSale, Flipkart, Amazon etc.

4. Selling your Photos Online :

If photography is your hobby then “Why not make your hobby as your profession of bossiness ?” There are many website like Shutterstock, ShutterPoint and IstockPhoto which host photos submitted by their members. Though this site according to their policies you can make 15% to 80% royalty with each sale it made.

5. Sell your Old Stuff Online :

You have many old products and you think it can be useful for other then you can make some good money by selling them on eBay,, Quickr etc. One thing which i like is that their are many buyers who are seeking for the products we have and they are willing to pay some good money which we never think.

All the transaction and interaction happens in real life, so their is no way of getting con by someone. If you are expert in doing business you can start a one like buying an selling product online as one of my friends does.

There are many ways you can earn money online. Just you need to do some research and hard work that will take you to success.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are seeking some genuine ways to make money online. If you know any other ways  i would like to know about them. Lets discuss them in comments below.

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Hi I am Suprabhat Mondal CEO and Owner of MoneyGossips I had been online since 2012 and had been helping many startups, bloggers to achieve what they want to.
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  • Bro ….
    Great Article
    Really Helpful for the people who are looking for the options to earn by online

    In the list I believe that Blogging & Affaliate Marketing is the Bestest way to Earn online ….

  • Hi Suprabhat,

    Good article! These are no doubt sure ways to make money online, but do you really think they completely involve ZERO investment?

    I wouldn’t know the contest from which you are writing but I want to believe that any dime put into a cause is an investment. While most of the resources you mentioned are all FREE sometimes, one may still want to upgrade to a certain level to be able to make real money from it.

    They say – there is no free thing even in the free town!

    Think of it this way – your effort you put into a business is worth an investment. It can be time investment, that’s the number of time or how long you stay online to get things done.

    Above all, that was a cool article.

    Cheers !
    Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted…Ultimate Guide and Resources to Write a Blog Posts That Matters – Over 2100 WordsMy Profile

    • Hey Jackson

      Good to see you here,

      Ya the Things which i have mentioned are absolutely free in India.
      Only Blogging requires some investments but still we can go for free blogger or for creating a blog through which we can earn some money.

      And after having some money in pocket we can invest that money for further use.
      So that will not cost us as we have earned some.

      Yes you are right upto some extent, even we have to invest some time here you are totally right :p as we know time is money. Now i think i can write a post on Spend Money Earn Money

      Thanks for commenting. Keep Visiting us
      Suprabhat recently posted…Why to Have Gravatar for Creating an Active Blogging Community My Profile

  • Hello Suprabhat,
    Good article, it will surely help the newbies to earn.By the way I think flipkart gives very low affiliate commission when compared to others. So I would recommend shareasale or any other but not flip kart.
    Anyway great article you wrote.

    Abdul Ghani.

  • There are so many different ways to make money these day online without really having an investment to put down. Until you really have at least 5, 000 people a month through driving traffic this will tough with blogging.

    There is another way which video marketing and it’s a lot easier to rank than a blog. Thank you for sharing your thought on the different ways to make money without no investment.
    Paul S.

    • Hey Paul,

      Good to see you here,
      Yes there are many ways to earn money without investments one need to do hard work.
      If he can then driving traffic like 5000 a months is very less.
      Yes I have heard about Video marketing but never tried i will surely give a try on that.


    • Hi Emmanuel

      You kept the right point here, if you are trying make money blogging or online it needs some patience.
      And Yes many don’t have much patience and they quit and go for ordinary jobs.

      Thanks for Commenting
      Keep Visiting MoneyGossips

  • “Without Investment” sounds really interesting and I was caught off guard with that phrase, I must say. Pretty sure many others find this very interesting, just like me. Making money needs money, time and effort, so, it’s quite unbelievable.

    Reading the entire article keeps me nodding, freelancing don’t need money as an investment, only your skills, knowledge and effort. Nonetheless, to make your time worth the while, make a professional profile in your Odesk and freelancer account to be hired and get paid after ding the job.

    I like selling photos online. This is great for photographers or amateurs to make money from their passion.
    metz recently posted…Reasons For Business FailureMy Profile

    • Hey Metz,

      Good to see you here as well on MoneyGossips ~ Make Money Online
      Yes i agree with you Making Money need some investment of time and there is no job through which you can earn money without investing time.
      Here with the post title i want to convey “How someone can Make Money Online without investing money”.
      And Selling photos has become a trend now and many of us are making good and handsome money from it.

      Thanks for commenting
      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Choose Perfect Theme For Money Making Blog ~ Part 7My Profile

  • Hello Suprabhat

    I landed here coming from So thanks for for allowing me being among your awesome blog community

    Regarding making money online without investment. Yes that`s true there are many people who start their whole money making online process without any investment in their hand just by selling other people`s products or service but the question is how much do they make and if they are still making money online?
    I think If we intend to not just make money online but to build our online business, we need to invest money at least for domain name, web hosting and autoresponder account ( no more than $15 per month).

  • Hello Suprabhat,

    I like your above post. You have shared a good ideas for making money online. These are some of the best ways by which we can make real money. The most useful one i would suggest if, affiliate marketing, niche websites and paid service.

    I would like to detail about my paid service idea, you can offer your free and paid service to online website over or webmaster, and i am sure you will get lot of people looking to help them with the right solution which really works for them. I made on an average 450-550$ from such service monthly. This service can be from helping in website setup to solving some serious issue related to script, plugin, SEO or products.

    Apart from these, there are many other ways to make money, once you start your journey, you will make ways. Just keep going your way.

    Dev Pandey recently posted…Good Morning Love Messages -Love Text messagesMy Profile

  • Great article indeed.

    I’m really looking forward to learning more about affiliate marketing and I’ll be looking into your blog again the next time to seeif you have a great review about a good affiliate or if you do have tips.

    Thanks for sharing though.

  • Hi Suprabhat,
    The use of internet has changed, this is now becoming a big market place to earn some money by sitting at one place.

    You are right that there is so many scam sites available which are just looting people by making them fool. At the same time there is also some genuine which can help anyone to earn some or even more than some money by just investing time and mind.

    The 5 money making ways you mentioned are perfect and anyone can earn from them.

    Thanks for the wonderful guide bro 🙂
    Rabin Mistri recently posted…How to Root and Unroot Xiaomi Mi4 -Simple and Step by Step GuideMy Profile

  • Hello Dear,
    You are right, we can make money though internet with just little effort.
    free lancering is best for making money. I think I we know about SEO we can awesome money though odesk or freelancer.

    blogging is my best way to make money, We don’t need to search our client in this field. Just create blog, apply seo for some time and make awesome money without any tension.

    Sell product is not easy task especially for me.

    Any way good post. Thanks for sharing with us

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy new year 2016 Greetings for sister in lawMy Profile

  • Great article. you shared a good list of good information.
    you have shared with us great information about freelancing.
    really it is very good job for making money.
    but i am using blogging way this is very good but very tough way for me.
    i am doing very hard work for improve my web rank.
    anyway you shared very useful way for making money online.
    thanks for sharing good information.
    Rana irfan recently posted…Happy new year quotes for teacherMy Profile

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