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MilesWeb VPS v/s HostGator VPS- Who is the best VPS provider in India?

Milesweb VPS Vs Hostgator VPS
Written by Suprabhat

When it comes to choosing VPS provider, you just cannot afford to compromise. It becomes mandatory to pick up an efficient VPS provider which fulfills all your requirements with ease. So, here I am going to compare two of the best VPS providers of India. So that next time when you buy a VPS package, you choose the best.

As you must be already knowing that while buying a new VPS hosting in India you are required to consider few essential  aspects such as storage space, bandwidth, CPU, Memory , VPS Management , service  and affordability. Now let’s dig into the characteristics of both VPS hosting provider, so that you will be able to identify the nerve of MilesWeb.

Storage Space:

Storage factor obviously tops the list of priorities because you would not want your data to split, discarded or to be lost somewhere. So for safe storage adequate space is MUST.   HostGator provides 10GB disk space and 384MB RAM plan forRs995 / month i.e. Level 1 plan  while MilesWeb provides 50GB disk space and 512 MB fixed RAM and 1 GB scalable RAM in just Rs1040/month i.e. Techie VPS plan. The price is nearly same for both the VPS providers but MilesWeb provides 5 times more space than HostGator that too in almost same price.

MilesWeb VPS Review

MilesWeb VPS Plans


HostGator provides 250 GB bandwidth in Level 1 while MilesWeb provide 500 GB bandwidth in Techie VPS plan. Again in the almost same price you get double bandwidth with MilesWeb.


Gone are the days when we had to wait minutes and hours on computers to upload/download or internet surfing. That is why it becomes crucial to get a VPS provider with decent processor. HostGator provides 0.57GHz processor while MilesWeb provides 1 core processor in Techie plan. Isn’t it delightful howMilesWeb has better processor than hostgator that too in nearly same price.


Memory is another preliminary factor which ought to be considered while buying VPS plan. HostGator provides 384MB RAM in level 1 while MilesWeb provides 512 MB fixed RAM and 1GB scalable RAM in Techie VPS plan. MilesWeb is anyways providing better memory than hostgator.

Hostgator VPS Review

Hostgator VPS Plans

VPS Management:

HostGator offers both fully –managed and semi-managed VPS plans. Their semi-managed plans do not include a hosting control panel while MilesWebalso provides both fully managed vps and self-managed VPS plans to best meet your requirements. They also include assistance with any hardware, operating system or basic configuration issues.

24×7 Support:

Full root access allows you total control, as well as the ability to install advanced software and completely customize your hosting environment. Both the VPS providers provide 24×7 support. You can approach them anytime. So this is one point I would say both the VPS providers are neck to neck.

Money Back Guarantee:

Mileswebprovides anytime money back and 99.95% uptime guarantee while hostgator provides money back policy only within 30 days of installation. It means you are always welcome to try MilesWeb services without lamenting about the money you invest. If you don’t like the service your money will be returned anytime. Well, isn’t it great? So it is!


Of course security can never be neglected while choosing a web host. Regular backups make the experience of website running a smooth one. Hostgator provides considerable security options but MilesWeb offers cent percent server uptime at low cost, automated backups, robust service, faster page loads, high speed reliable private virtual services with regular customer support are most loved ones among online business collaborators. To provide more security, MilesWeb is now offering Free SSL Certificate to their clients.

Final words

A reliable and efficient web server is the backbone of your business; without this your business cannot blossom. So making a wise decision while choosing your service provider becomes crucial for your website.

MilesWeb provides you the stability and flexibility of private server hosting sans the costs and its complexities. Although HostGator is also offering decent web server but in the same reasonable price you get 5 times better web server then why not go for MilesWeb?

In fact I cannot locate a single reason why not to prefer MilesWeb over HostGator or any other vps provider. It features and excellent performances, security and backup, closest to zero downtime, MilesWeb has always beaten its counterparts.

Another point that sets MilesWeb apart from other providers is their superb customer service. The customer service team of MilesWeb is truly well-trained and helpful. This is especially great if you are launching your first website. The company offers round the clock customer service, so even if you face problems, which is of course highly unlikely, MilesWeb customer support team will sort it out in no time.

Now , I leave this on you to choose your web partner according to the one that suits you the best and provide 24/7 support at affordable price.  Choose wisely!

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  • Reliable and efficient web server is the backbone for any business. With hosting website to milesweb, I got every bit of reliability and efficient web performance, which every customer is searching for.

  • MilesWeb has been great in their responses to any issue I had. Last year I added some plug ins into my site but that was faulty. I receive notification about updating that plug in immediately but updating was getting failed with third party code issue. I generate ticket to milesweb and clear them everything. They clear my problem with solution. One more thing I like about milesweb is they charge nothing for keeping privacy in phone numbers and email id of customers. Because my previous hosting was charging extra for security purpose.

  • I am hosting many sites with MilseWeb Since from 2013.Support is quick and accurate; uptime is good. Much better quality than anything I have tried in the past. Finding a reliable host is a serious, difficult issue.No problems, of any sort. Highly recommended.

  • I have hosted my website with some other web host provider (other than mentioned two in blog), but I am not so satisfied with their service. So, firstly I would mention you thanks, for sharing such an information.
    I have read both companies website, and I personally feel, milesweb takes slight advantage over hostgator. So, I will try milesweb services first.

  • Affordable!!! Outstanding support!!! If you’re a wordpress blogger, new to self-hosted, I will recommend MilesWeb! Perhaps you just want your own domain name and email — the price is affordable and competitive. What really shines about them was their support, though. I was technically challenged 🙂 and I needed help with setting up my email at another place that I like. They listen patiently and guidance from these guys really struck me as superior!

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