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Resume Writing Services Comparison Review: Who Provides Best Resumes?

Resume Writing Services Comparison Review
Written by Suprabhat

Have you ever taken advantage of any Resume Writing Services? To get professional job resumes! These resume writing services provides you top quality resume according to your requirements. These services are quite worthy specially for those who are either weak in writing, cannot organize their ideas, thoughts, qualifications and experience on resumes.

Resume Writing Service Providers have a unique resume format which look professional and attractive also at the same time, which quickly gains the attention of any reader, recruiter. Not only that they have unique team of successful resume writers with lots of experience who works hard to provide the best quality resume.

Now a days there are many such companies you will find on Google but most of them fails to deliver that high quality resume that a client expect to get. And as everyone knows, no body get a second 1st impression in front of interviewer/recruiter. Today in this post we are going to compare some of the best resume writing service providers like RynoResumes, GreatResumesFast, ChameleonResumes and ResumeGenius.

Resume Writing Services Comparison Review: Who Provides Best Resumes?

These three are some of the most trusted resume writing services providers who has helped and yet helping many people in getting best quality professional resumes to get there jobs. All of them has experienced team who helps you get the best resume to create top class 1st impression. Lets discuss about each of them, so that one can decide what to choose and why. Here we go:

RynoResumes Review:

RynoResumes has been established in 2014 with the principle to offer best in class resumes to help people in getting job from entry level to professional. Ryno Resumes offers the best advice when they face dilemma of what to choose and how to get the dream job at suitable place effectively.

RynoResumes- Resume Service Provider

RynoResumes works with almost every kind of industries especially:

  • Sales
  • Directors
  • Finance
  • Social Works
  • Chief Information Officers
  • and many more!

User Experience of RynoResumes:

I really liked the logo of it as they are using a Rhino as a symbol which make it stand quite different among others where you will find a student smiling with some pen and paper in hand. If you will take a look at the front page you will find a spaceman which looks like a poster of any movie, but it is new and stand extra ordinary.

You will easily find pricing section on the navigation bar on clicking/hovering over it you will get their various services when you will click over it, you will get to see the price you have to pay. Below it there is order button, through PayPal you can pay and continue shopping.

The best part I liked most about them is they provided Resume Samples also in Service Tab, from which audience can have better insights about the type of service they can expect.


RynoResumes also had their personal blog, where one can find various posts on resume writing, Winning interviews, LindkedIn network expanding and many more. But it looks like they are no more updating there blog these days, I would suggest them to update it, as these can help there customers to know more about the company and type of work they do.


Testimonials looks valid, I found many user ratings not only on there website but got to know about them on various other sites also and have seen really good ratings, I rarely found any negative review/words about them. But if they can provide any contact details like Email ID or there personal blog then it can help them in attaining more trust among audience.

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ChameleonResumes Review:

ChameleonResumes has been started in year 2009, from which you can easily understand that they have quite good experience. ChameleonResumes has been featured in Forbes in the list of Top 100 Career websites.Lisa Rangel is the managing director of Chameleon Resumes with lots of quality in hand. She has an experience of more than 13 years, she knows very well what kind of resumes win and are awarded with jobs.

Chameleon Resume Writing Service Provider

User Experience of Chameleon Resumes:

There logo is also quite awesome, colorful chameleon as we all know it changes color according to surrounding. I guess they to create resumes according to the interview environments. Coming to the design it is quite old and not at all responsive. They should work on improving there front landing page as it is the 1st thing which attract any user.

On front page they have hell lots of content which users will not gonna read as this is the era of audio, visuals and graphics. Also loading time of page is also high which can turn off any user and he/she might look for someone else.


Chameleon Resumes to have their own blog where they update content on weekly basis. You will find various kind of post regarding winning interviews, mistake most people make, how to improve yourself and many more. This kind of article attract more users from various social sites and search engines so I guess they are driving clients this way.


They have featured there clients review over there, which is really good but they should add a slideshow on front page as now a days no one have enough time to visit and check out every content of any website.

GreatResumesFast Review:

GreatResumesFast- Resume Writing Service Providers

Great Resumes Fast has been started in year 2008 and has been founded by Jessica Hernandez, she had an experience of 12+ years of HR (Human Resource), hiring experience and recruiting. So she knows very well how to create interview winning resumes for job seekers who didn’t even know how to create professional resumes. There teams has vast experience in many fields, some of which are:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Healthcare
  • Architecture
  • IT
  • E-Commerce
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation
  • and lot more.

User Experience of GreatResumesFast:

There website looks really attractive and responsive as well, it loads very quickly too. Coming to the design it has been designed according to modern trend, I really liked the design they have featured everything on the front page only which any customer would like to know from minor details to lots of his/her query. You will find testimonials, where they have been featured, Image of CEO any lots more in navigation bar too.


There blog will also load quite quickly within there website they also update it on weekly basis and you will find lots of content regarding personal branding, Resumes, Cover Letters, Networking and lot more stuffs.


One can easily find testimonials on the front page which is really good and also they had another section where one can see clients feedback which is an advantage and win the trust of new clients that land for the 1st time on there website.

ResumeGenius Review:

ResumeGenius – The World Smartest Resume builder, I liked there name a lot. It was founded in year 2009 with a very simple idea that resume writing could be simplified. They help job seekers and unemployed in getting jobs.

Many students from schools, libraries and organization from all over the world has taken help of ResumeGenius.

ResumeGenius Review- Resume Writing Service Provider

User Experience of ResumeGenuis:

RG has built on the principle of modern design concept using HTML5 and CSS3. They are using one page theme which is trending now a days as people are majorly going for more visual content then written text.

On the front page they have used a big image showing a sample of resume which will surely gonna attract clients on the 1st visit only. They have used animated graphics and also provided the testimonials on the front page only. There websites also load quite quickly and they are mobile friendly and responsive as well can be accessed easily from mobile and iPads.

They also have there personal resume software which made them stand out of the box as compared to others.


Coming to there blog, it is also good and is been 100% responsive. You will find many articles about Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Resources, Networking, Resume Templates and many more stuffs.


When we see there testimonials it didn’t look that much real, as they have not provided any such details or known personality that can help increasing trust among there clients and others. Only they have testimonials on the front page that too contain only 3 feedback’s. They should provide an another category of customers feedback and should update it after serving every client.


Among these 4 companies, If I would like to get my resume created will be among GreatResumesFast or Ryno Resumes as there feedbacks and resumes looks valid and also they have lots of experience and are helping others job hunters, people who are giving interview for the 1st time, giving them advice on how to win and getting desired top quality jobs easily.

Also they are helping in creating professional LinkedIn profile which is also quite helpful in getting inluencers to contact you and increase your network.

Let me know what you think about these Resumes Writing Service providers in comment below. Don’t forget to share it among your social circle.

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