How to Use Triberr effectively to Drive More Traffic out of it!

Creating a blog is very easy but driving consistent traffic is little tough but increasing blog traffic and maintaining it for a long is not at all easy. A blogger had to make some strategies to increase quality traffic. Someone told me basic things a blogger need when i was new to blogging was ” Traffic“,”Content” and “Money“. Without this 3 thing a blogger can’t survive in today’s competition.

Today i will share some effective tips which will help you drive more traffic using Triberr! by using it you can build your own blogging community as well. Learn How to use Triberr effectively and drive more traffic from it like me. Before that have a look what it is and how it can be beneficial for you.

How to use Triberr effectively

What is Triberr ?

I called Triberr 2nd home for blogger as it is a platform which help to connect bloggers, internet marketers and entrepreneurs to each other in just a few minutes. Triberr is one of the largest, supportive and responsive best generating tribe in blogosphere. So basically it is a platform if used properly you can drive huge quality traffic out of it and sometime you can get some quality clients as well.

Creator of Triberr Dan Cristo and Dino Dorgan were writer and had created this platform with writers in mind. Every aspect of triberr is made to increase writing distribution i.e making it readable to others.

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How to use Triberr and Drive more traffic out of it ?

I will tell you everything from beginning which steps i had followed and used to drive more traffic and making bonds with others. Let’s start :

How to use Triberr effectively

Sign Up

Signing up with Triberr is very easy, either you can sign up with your email ID or the other easiest way is to use your Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to Sign Up.

Setting Up Profile :

After signing up, making your profile is the must do thing because it represent your real identity in all the tribes you are in. Upload your own profile picture and your brand or blog logo as cover, because it look more professional and elegant.

If you are totally new to Triberr ! then Read full guide on How to get Started with Triberr.

Now from here your role start which will help you drive more traffic to your blog and generate more sales.

1. Post 2-3 post weekly :-

Publishing 2-3 post on weekly basis will keep you and your blog in RSS i.e ( Triberr Stream ). If you will post less then surely readers will forget you (unless and until you post viral useful content).

Moreover try to make your blog title more catchy, attractive and relevant. If you want to drive more traffic through triberr try to post more problem solving posts (How to Guides), Inspiring content (Case Study) which will help you get more traffic out of it.

2. Joining Targeted Tribes :-

If you want to see result quickly joining targeted tribe will surely help you get some traffic quickly. Take an example :- As i write about money making tips, Blogging so i will join tribes which are relevant to small business, blogging tips and some others sub niche of blog.

As i some times write about tech gadgets reviews so i had also followed some tribes which are related to tech niche.

Joining as many as tribe will not help you at all, Join only targeted tribe as much as possible and try to become a member because of tribe had an advantage that their blog latest posts get automatically shared after they publish it.

3. Commenting on Triberr Posts :-

Commenting on triberr posts will increase your visibility among others users, it will make them think that you are active and they will come forward to make bonds with you. Commenting on triberr not only increase visibility but also it increase trust factor.

Sharing other content just take a some seconds but sharing your thought via comments notify the author that you are there to read it every time he/she post something.

NB :- By Triberr posts i mean to say  the posts which are dominating triberr stream from blogger rss feeds.

4. Comment on the Blog :-

Find out some authority bloggers on triberr and hit their blog with 1-2 comment system. 1-2 Comment system means first comment on their blog and then comment same on triberr post as well. It really help to build relationship with other bloggers as well as leaving comment on their blog might help you get a backlink.

Me and my Blog MoneyGossips had been featured on some of the blogs due to commenting on some high authority blogs. Try to be genuine while commenting, use your 1st name and feel the power of commenting.

5. Share Post Freely :-

If you want to promote yourself then 1st you need to promote others, more you help others more they will like to help you brand yourself.

Similarly if you want to get shared your content via your triberr mate’s then 1st start with sharing their blog content. There is a simple logic behind it is that “What you give out will get returns multiplied“. Don’t only share other just for sake, share there content for your audience.

Triberr give’s an amazing option to their users that you can automate the share for a particular person but enabling Autoshare as shown in picture below.

Triberr Autosharing

6. Start a Tribe :-

I started a tribe named “Quality Commentators and post sharing tribe” then i had worked on this tribe and was able to increase it’s reach by 1 million around, then i had given all responsibility of these group to Nathan Kinkead. On that tribe most of the members are well known bloggers, entrepreneurs and Internet marketers.

Now i am starting a tribe named as “MoneyGossips” where i will help my audience to make money online. Those who want to join my new tribe can drop me a mail or contact via contact form.

Triber mate’s respect those owners of tribe who runs effective tribes where admin inspire there member to share other blog posts, engaging them via comments. So start a tribe if you think you can do.

Now it’s all on you how you use triberr and drive more traffic out of it. From my side triberr is a big platform which i am not gonna leave until i stop blogging.

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  1. Indeed a great articl on it, i was not knowing about it till yesterday but from yesterday i saw ifti webinar fully about it, and you give here more guide on it, which is good for one who follows MONEY GOSSIPS 🙂

  2. Great explaination, great post!
    I bookmarked this post, so that i can come again and again. 😀
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